The mutual love of Father and Son

The apostle John saw Jesus’ love for people as he constantly gave himself to others. He also saw Jesus’ love to the Father. He couldn’t miss that as Jesus was always turned towards his Father in loving relationship. In Jesus, John saw the man for God and the man for others even unto death on the cross in self-giving love. As John reflected on all he saw in this person he had to say, “God is love”.

John saw that God is love within himself.  And that is what we see through John’s witness. We see the Father loving the Son in the Spirit and giving himself to the Son.  The Father is always there for the Son making himself available to him. He is always expressing delight in his Son. And the Father is glad to put the spotlight on his Son as the one he wants to honour.

We also see the Son loving the Father in the Spirit and giving himself to the Father. The Son always looks to see what his Father is doing.  He always listens to hear what his Father is saying to him.  His face is always turned towards his Father in desire and delight.  He is always actively serving his Father to advance his purpose in the world. He is turned towards his Father in these ways as his expression of love for the Father. Father and Son are always towards one another and for one another and with one another in mutual self-giving love.  Truly, God IS love.

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