Unceasing Love

As we gaze on Jesus, we see the mutual love of Father and Son in the Spirit. In this constant self-giving of Father towards Son and Son towards Father, we get a glimpse of the deep bond of love within the triune life of God. They know one another with love’s own way of knowing and finding pleasure in one another. They are constantly with and for one another as they mutually indwell one another in joyful love.
We also see this bond of love in the way they work together. They always move into action together, working with each other. The work of the Son is always done for the Father.  But it isn’t just done for the Father but also with the Father.  The Father and Son are always together in what they do.  We see this from two angles. From the side of the Son, The Son does only what he sees his Father doing (John 5:19). From the side of the Father, The Father loves the Son and shows him all he does (John 5: 20). And so they always move together as one in each and every action.. 
This Father and Son relation in love belongs to the innermost being of God. Yes, God is the dynamic communion of loving and being loved. And this love does not come from something outside God. For God IS beautiful self-giving love within himself as Father and Son in the Spirit. And his love for us is the overflowing of this fountain of love. So now we know for sure that God cannot stop loving us. He can no more cease to love us than he can cease to be God because he IS love.

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