One with Christ

The Father’s Son united himself with us by becoming fully human.  The Spirit of the Father’s Son joins us to the Son so that we are in him as he is in us.  We are one with Christ and he is one with us. We are so deeply one with him that we are never to think of ourselves as isolated from him in any way. That means we won’t attempt to live out our own Christian life apart from Jesus. No! By his Spirit, Jesus now lives out his own life in and through us. So, we always say, I (as an individual) no longer live through my own self-effort, but Christ lives in me. He loved me and gave himself for me and now he loves me still and gives himself to me working in me all that is pleasing to his Father.

In our union with Jesus, we are not deified, as if our humanity were now mixed or intermingled with Christ’s deity.  No, in union with the man Jesus, we remain fully human with our humanity lifted up into the life of God and filled with the life of God.
In union with Jesus, we are actually more authentically human because we become the humans that God intended all along. We become humans in union with THE human fully alive in God, with God, to God and for God. Yes, as we live in union with Jesus, by the Spirit, we really do become more authentically human. 

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