Joy Meets Joy

The God’s of grace seeks and finds us through Jesus by the Spirit. We respond in joyful faith as those who are found. And God is also joyful in finding us because his love has reached its goal. His joy meets our joy and our joy meets his joy. And as we go on finding the God who finds us, we taste afresh his joyful love in ever new ways.

The God of Grace does not allow us any boastful self-righteousness. We are to boast only in him. In living encounter with the God of Grace we see clearly that all is of God and we are called to simply trust in him. As Karl Barth says, “The God of Grace demands of us that we trust only in his grace, and live only by his grace — and by his grace really live”. Who among those engaged in religious self-effort ever rejoiced in this message of free grace?

As we rejoice in free grace, we are no longer driven by guilt, but rather drawn by grace into joyful living for God. We have been found by the joyful God and our joy in being found moves us evermore towards God as the living centre of our lives. We want to please him by aiming to do his will in all areas of life. And we gladly acknowledge his Lordship over us as we continually find the One who continually finds us. That is true freedom!

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