Sharing in the Triune Communion

The God who is love gives himself to us seeking fellowship with us. He wants to be ours and he wants us to be his. But we mustn’t think that this fellowship as a “something” that God wants us to enjoy. No. In joyful love, God gives HIMSELF to us. He opens himself to us and in opening himself to us he shares his own life with us – the life of love in communion. Thomas Torrance writes, “God has opened himself to us…and established an intimate two-way relation between himself and us and us and himself, making himself accessible to us and giving us entry into the inner fellowship of God’s own life”

The living God is not a solitary being. From all eternity he has lived in relationship. We even say that he has lived as relationship. At the centre of the universe is not cosmic power or force. No, at the centre of the universe is relationship. From all eternity the living God has been a communion of three persons mutually indwelling one another. Furthermore, from all eternity the three have wanted to include us within their own communion of joyful love. And now they have actually drawn us into their own circle of love.

I have to say this communion is the very reason for my existence and for yours and for every other person who lives or has ever lived on this planet. God always wanted a large family like his Son who would share with him in the communal life of God. And that is where we now belong.

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