Once we lived only in ourselves and for ourselves. The things of this world filled our own personal world. We lived without God. Then “strangely” we began to seek God until we found him. And having found him, we saw that the seeking and the finding began with God. We were seeking him only because he was seeking us. We found him only because we were found by him.

That finding does not mark the end of our seeking. We go on and on seeking ever more deeply the reality of God in our lives. We are always seekers. We misunderstand this continual seeking if we think of it as a special art possessed only by those who are “super-spiritual”. We are rather aware that it is only he whom we seek who has, again and again, made us seekers. We go on seeking because THE Seeker wants us in communion with himself. He wants us to share in his own Light and Life and Love. With this aim in view, he goes on and on seeking us as he speaks with us, and acts in us.

As seekers of THE SEEKER, we rejoice that the One whom we seek allows himself to be found by us. That’s why we go on and on asking and seeking and knocking. He tells us to seek so that we may find. And when we find we are not aware of our own ability to seek and find. We are rather aware of the seeking of THE SEEKER and his indescribable joy in finding us.

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