Liberated to love

Jesus, our Lord, set us free from all the dark powers that once ruled over us. He rescued us to live under him and with him and for him as our one true Lord. As our only Lord, he wants us to love. Following his resurrection, Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me?” He asks us the same question. He wants to know if we love him as those he has rescued to live under him. He also wants to know if we love one another as he has loved us. He is the risen Lord who now reigns supremely over all and what he wants to know is do you love me? Think what that means.

However, our Lord Jesus doesn’t simply stand over us giving external orders. We are in Jesus and he is in us. He lives in us as the one who rules over us. In this way, he works in us what he requires from us. An external “law,” would result in driving us into duty so that we become “weary and heavy-laden.” But when we live in Jesus as he lives in us, we are not burdened by the fact that love is now demanded of us. We are glad to walk in love under, with and for the one who has loved us. And we are glad that he now gives himself to us living his own way of love in and through us. As we walk with him in his way of love we know that we have no future apart from him, and therefore no future without love.

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