Lord as Servant and Servant as Lord

Karl Barth points us to the Lord as Servant. He was in the form of God but made himself nothing taking the form of a servant. As a servant, he was obedient even to death on the cross. And it was in that death that he served us bringing an end to the old age in which we once lived as slaves under the dominion of darkness. Therefore, God highly exalted him giving him the name above every name. He did so, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bend confessing him as Lord to the glory of God the Father.
Therefore, Barth also points us to the servant as Lord. As this Lord, he freely encounters us by his Spirit. And in the encounter, we confess him, Lord, by the Spirit. Now we are free from all the “lords” that once reigned over us. We are free to no longer serve sin. We are free to no longer live in bondage to Satan’s wiles. We are free to live for our true Lord serving only him in the Spirit to the glory of his Father. This is true freedom and true life.
The Lord who became servant is now the servant who is highly exalted as Lord. Nevertheless, he still serves us as he lives in us by his Spirit. He came into the world, not to be served, but to serve giving his life for us that we might live. And now he wants to transform us into his own cross-shaped likeness. He does so as the Lord who still serves.

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