Free to live for our Lord

Jesus is Lord. As Lord, he has set us free from all the other powers that once were lords over us. Now we are truly free to live for Jesus as our Lord. And because he set us free at great cost to himself we are now moved to love him in response to his love. However, the Lord who is love does not simply move us to love, he also commands us to love. The One who loves us is our Lord. We live under his reign. He commands us as our Lord who now rules over us. And his command is that we love him by loving as he has loved us. And he has set us free to live and love his way. Love to our Lord is the only possibility that is open to us. We abide in his love keeping his command to love just as he kept his Father’s command to love abiding in his love

However, this Lord of love gives to us what he commands from us. He liberated us from the reign of sin freeing us for himself. And now, he carries on the good work he began in us. He gladly works in us what is pleasing to himself. We obey our Lord’s command to love knowing we are loved and that he is always for us as he lives in us. Therefore, we always cling to him finding rest for our souls in him. And, as we continue clinging to him, our experience is that his yoke is easy and his burden is light.

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