What does God want?

When we look at Jesus, we see that God wants to be with us. He comes to us wanting to be with us as one of us. Jesus also shows us that God wants us to be with him responding to his love. Jesus gathered fellow humans simply to be with him. And he always wanted to know if they truly loved him. That’s what God always wants.

But how can we love him? Naturally, we are always turned in on ourselves if left to ourselves. It is impossible for us to respond freely to God’s love. However, by his Spirit, Jesus lives his own life of love in and through us. Each one can now say, “I no longer live but Christ lives in me.” God doesn’t give himself to us in love then say, now you must respond to my love out of yourselves. No! He takes us up into the fellowship that he has in himself. Through Jesus and by the Spirit, he moves towards us to create fellowship with us. And by his Spirit, through Jesus, he enables us to love in response to his love. We actually join in the fellowship of life and love that God is. In this way, God is with us in love and we are with God in love.

Within this fellowship, God has what he wants and he gives what he wants. Now we can say, there is no greater good outside of our fellowship that we still have to discover. There is no greater good arising out of our fellowship that is even better than the fellowship. In loving us into this fellowship God gives us everything.

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