Dynamic Love

God is Love. He is an eternal movement of Love – Father, Son and Spirit ceaselessly loving one another. Not loving one another in a passive way of eternal stillness, but loving one another freely in active self-giving to one another. For God the Father to be Father is to be Father of the Son in joyful, self-giving love towards his Son in the Spirit. For God the Son to be Son is to be the Father’s Son in active self-giving love towards his Father in the Spirit. In the Spirit, Father and Son continually give themselves to one another and receive from one another in their dynamic communal life.

This eternal movement of love overflows in loving action towards us. For this God does not wish to live within himself and for himself alone. The One Lord who is essentially personal, dynamic and relational is God for others with whom he seeks and creates fellowship. In the freedom of his love, he wants to bring us into his joyful circle of love in a new world of love.

This free-flowing of sheer love for others reveals something of the inmost nature of God as Being for others. Father, Son and Spirit are always for one another in free-flowing dynamic loving within himself. And God is always for others outside his own inner life. The Triune God has eternally determined himself to be God with us and for us as one of us in Jesus and by the Spirit. And he has also eternally determined us to be with him in Jesus and Spirit.

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