Open to Abba Father

In Christ, God was reconciling the world to himself. Reconciliation is now accomplished in him. In his Love, God was entirely free to do this. No one could resist him. No one could say you cannot do this. No one could prevent this eternal purpose of love from being accomplished once and for all. This is what God wanted to do for us in the freedom of his love. God wants us in relation with himself. And in the freedom of his love God acts to do what he wants freely in Jesus, the Father’s son.
It is all done!

Now, God’s Spirit acts for us on both sides of our relation with God. He opens to us all that God is for us in Christ. And the same Spirit opens us to God as dearly loved children in union with his unique Son. We know we are loved. We know we belong. And in this knowing we respond with confidence and glad obedience to Abba Father.

Yes, we now relate to Jesus’ Father as our Father crying Abba Father with Jesus in the Spirit. Jesus indwells us, by the Spirit, to live his own life in and through us. Christ himself is our very life. We live in him and he lives in us and the life we now live is lived in Christ as he lives in us. In this way, our relation with God is truly a sharing in the Son’s relation with the Father in the Spirit.

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