Sharing in God’s circle of love

The Father’s Son, has become one with us as Jesus. He has become God with us so that we might be with God. And God’s Spirit joins us to Jesus so that we are in him as he is in us. In this living union with the Father’s Son we are taken into the Triune Communion to share in the life and love of God himself. We do not become divine, but we do share in the Son’s relationship with his Father in the Spirit. And so, we are not detached from God looking at his love from a distance and trying hard to apply it with meaning to our own daily lives. We always look at God from within the communion of love that we are brought into through union with Jesus by the Spirit.

Within this communion of love, we discern that God does not exist for himself alone. We know that he will not be without us. All things were created for Christ and for us in him. And, through Christ, God has given himself to us so that we may be one with him sharing in his circle of love. Of course, we always remain merely human. We don’t become divine. And yet, God wants to be with us and for us to be with him in the Oneness of his own Triune circle of love. Abiding in Jesus, we know that nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from God’s love anymore than anything can separate the Father and Son from one another.

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