Triune Love and Light

The Triune God is Love. The One God is three persons mutually indwelling one another in other-centred love. And so, there is within the very Being of God a desire to be for others in love. This God, who is love, has demonstrated his love for us by giving his Son even unto death. And he has poured his love into our hearts in the gift of his Spirit. He has moved freely out of himself as love to bring us into the communion of love with himself. Even though we turn away from him, he refuses to be shut off from us. He wants to be with us and for us to be with him.

The Triune God is also Light. I don’t think we are meant to separate light and love into two different ways of seeing God. The Light of God is his love shining towards us in all its beauty and brilliance. We see the light of God in the face of Jesus as we gaze on the radiance of his love. And the Spirit is the one who shines this light into our hearts so that we may see the light of God’s glory in the face of Jesus. The Spirit lights up the Face of God in the face of Christ. In Jesus, and by the Spirit, the God who is all love and light and light and love shines in our hearts. And as we gaze on the light of his glory we are transformed into his likeness.

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