True to himself

When the exalted Lord became lowly for us he was doing what he promised all along.  He always said he would be with us.  And in Jesus, he is with us in a way we never dreamed possible.  He is actually joins himself to us as one of us.  This makes him faithful to us.

But when the exalted Lord stoops so low he isn’t only faithful to us. He is also faithful to himself. He becomes the one he always wanted to be.  Before God created anything or anyone the Son was appointed to be one of us.  In this way God would be with us in him and we would be with God in him.  God freely decided to bind himself to us.  And he freely decided to bind us to himself.  He determined himself to be ours and for us to be his.  This is what he resolved to be in Jesus before he even created us.

God’s eternal purpose became actual in time when the Holy Spirit brought into existence the unique person who is both God and man in union.  Now, in Jesus, God is the one he always wanted to be.  We actually see in the Jesus’ story God being true to himself, true to who he always wanted to be – one with us as one of us. For God’s eternal decision is that God and humanity should be together in union and for communion.


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