Joy in Lowliness

Jesus is God coming among us in lowliness. As God he moves towards us even though we are far from him. He gives himself freely to us even though who do not want him. Jesus even makes our sin and shame his own. He exists within the holy and joyful communion with his Father in the Spirit; but he wants to co-exist with others who are not God and far from God. And it doesn’t seem to make him miserable to lower himself in this way. No! The Lord finds great pleasure and joy in coming to us in lowliness. How could it not bring him joy? He is becoming the one he always wanted to be.

So the one who finds great pleasure within the triune communion finds pleasure in coming among us in lowliness. And as he stoops lower and lower towards the lowest place of all his pleasure does not dim. Rather, it was for the joy set before him that he endured the cross. He was glad that we would share in the pleasure of the his fellowship with the Father in the Spirit.

There are so many beautiful things in God’s world that are given for our pleasure. But we were created to enjoy the beauty of triune communion as our highest pleasure. That’s why the Father’s Son gives himself to us and for us. He wants us to enjoy the beauty of Triune life with him as we share his fellowship with the Father. And when his Spirit enables us to see how he has freely given himself to us in love we are drawn into his pleasure.

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