Lowly Majesty

Isaiah spoke about the future day when a voice would cry out in the wilderness, “prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God… And the glory of the Lord will be revealed”.

Eventually, the Lord himself came.  He was right there in our world.  And his glory was revealed as the lowly Jesus.   He was so lowly he did not stand out at all. 

People did not say, WOW!  Look at his splendour and majesty!  No, he was ordinary. 

This is the high and holy one who not only turns towards us but in doing so stoops down to us.  And stoops so very low.  Yes, the Lord of glory is exalted higher than we can ever imagine.  Nevertheless, when he became one of us he stooped lower than we can ever express. 

This lowly man is the revelation of the Lord’s majesty and glory.  But we so easily miss the majesty of God in his lowliness.  We see the majesty as one thing and the lowliness as another.  So when considering his majesty we are looking for something resplendent, awesome, and stunning.  Well, this lowliness is stunning!  We see that our God is so great that he is capable of becoming lowly.  And he does not humble himself in spite of the fact that he is God, but because he is God.  For our God always wanted to be God with us as one of us stooping to the lowest place in order to lift us to the highest place.

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