God is Christlike

Michael Ramsey once said: “God is Christlike, and in Him there is no unchristlikeness at all.” It is essential that our minds remain fixed on God as Chistlike because we so easily slip into thinking about God apart from Christ leaving us with an abstract and remote God. We think of God as Almighty. Jesus is God among us in the form of one who is weak.  We assert that God is Eternal. Jesus is God among us in time tasting death. We exalt God as the Most High. Jesus is God among us in deepest humility. Jesus is The Holy One standing in the place of a sinner with other sinners. He is the one in whom we behold the Glory of God and yet he is covered with shame. This is the Lord, the true lord, who has taken the form of a servant in order to serve his Father and us. As such, he turns upside down all our thinking about “The Divine Being”.

God took this lowly form in Jesus because of his eternal decision. Before the creation of the world the Father elected his unique Son to take the form of a lowly servant with us and for us.  And so Jesus, the Lord as lowly servant, fulfils God’s eternal decision to be with us and for us as one of us. He is God’s eternal decision made actual forever.

Now, with Luther, “we must look at no other God than this incarnate and human God.”  And we look at him this way knowing that this is the way that God wants to be known in hearts full of wonder, love and praise.


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