Liberating Lord

The salvation of the Lord comes into the world rescuing us from all the false lords that enslave us. No one is ever without a lord.  Each one of us is what we are because of the lord’s we serve and the power of these lords over us.  And so, The Lord comes in person to bring about a liberating change of  lordship from the lordship of the world’s dark powers to that of the true Lord. The rescue comes in Jesus who is himself the liberating Lord. In weakness and humility he wins the battle against sin, death and Satan and we are set free.

As the New Testament writers describe Jesus this way they trust that he will continually bear witness to Himself as Liberating Lord. They don’t want others to accept who Jesus is because of the way they describe him, but only because Jesus declares himself as liberating Lord in unity with his Father. By the Spirit, Jesus has encountered them as the Liberating Lord whom the Father has now exalted and they simply point to who he is.  And so, as they proclaim Jesus to others they count on him encountering their hearers in the Spirit as Liberating Lord.

We too have come to know Jesus as our Liberating Lord who sets us free from all the powers that once enslaved us  Now we are free to serve him as Lord in newness of life.  That is true freedom!

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