Fellowship Seeking God

Before the world was made Father and Son were with one another face to face.  In the bond of the Spirit, the Son delights in the Father and the Father delights in the Son.  Father and Son enjoying the closest fellowship in the Spirit.  And this relational God seeks fellowship with us.  He does so out of the overflow of fellowship within himself.  He does not need fellowship with us.  He already possesses the fullness of joyful communion within himself. But the love of Father and Son in the Spirit overflows towards us seeking fellowship with us as sheer gift.

The Father’s Son came among us making God known as the fellowship seeking God.  So we cannot describe the Being of God in any other way than simply the one who loves freely out of fellowship and for fellowship.  When I say that God loves freely I simply mean that His love moves entirely from himself as love.  He is the living God who is what He is in dynamic action.  He is the loving God who is what he is in the free expression of his love moving from himself alone. God “is” the one who loves freely.  That’s what we see in Jesus, the one who makes God known.

Now the Spirit joins us to Christ so that we share his fellowship with the Father. And within this fellowship of love and joy we see that it is all free gift.  The Father seeking fellowship and creating fellowship in his Son and Spirit.


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