The Lord Who is Near

The Jesus story portrays the life of a human among humans.  He lives and moves with other humans doing all the natural things humans do. Nevertheless, the story shows that he is different from all other humans. He isn’t simply portrayed as a better human. For there were moments in the story when other humans respond to him as to Yahweh, Israel’s God. Furthermore, his resurrection declares that this man who is the servant of humanity is also their Lord. As the Lord of all other humans he has full authority to condemn them or to pardon. He has full power to call them and bind them to Himself. He has full sovereignty over each person’s existence and all human history

By the Spirit, the Father draws us to his Son so that we now confess, “Jesus is Lord”. We have come to know that Jesus is head over all things and the one who rules over the totality of our existence.  Nevertheless, by the Spirit, we know that he is not Lord in the way we might naturally expect.  What distinguishes the man Jesus as Lord is that he draws near  as the one who serves. We naturally think of a Lord as one who is distant standing over others and requiring them to serve him. But this man who is our Lord and God encounters us by his Spirit as the one wants to be servant of all.  He is not distant, but nearer than we can ever say.

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