The Lord Who Serves

Though the Father’s Son was in the form of God he willingly took the form of a servant. He came freely to serve his Father in the power of the Spirit. Always listening for what his Father wanted him to do.  Always seeking his Father’s will rather than his own.  His food was to do the work his Father gave him to do.  His joy was to make his Father glad.   

In serving his Father Jesus also served us.  Jesus’ Father loves us and so he wanted him to serve us by giving himself freely to and for us. And so, out of love for his Father and us Jesus gave himself to serve by going to the very lowest place even death on the cross.  In that way, Jesus shows that he is the true God. For it is this humility that marks out the true God from all false gods. The false gods are a reflection of the human pride which will not stoop to that which is beneath it. In contrast, we see that the true God is not proud. He is the humble God who wants to stoop low in order to serve.

Having stooped to the lowest place, Jesus’ Father exalted him to the very highest place giving him the name above all names. But even though Jesus is now exalted to be confessed as Lord by all he still wants to serve his Father by serving us.  He does so as he works within us by his Spirit so that we freely serve him as our Lord.  He does not want to coerce us into serving; he wants to inwardly enable us so that we serve him freely and gladly as he serves his Father.


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