Jesus IS Reconciliation


Jesus IS reconciliation from both God’s side and ours.

Jesus is reconciliation from the side of God for he is God’s action reconciling the world to himself. In Jesus God actually came among us doing everything necessary for a new relation with himself.  As the Holy One he became sin to overcome sin in himself.  As the Judge he was judged so that there is no condemnation for us.  God did not hold himself aloof having distant dealings with us.  He came among us as one of us to bring us back to himself.

Jesus is reconciliation from the side of God, but also from our side. He lives the true human life in trustful obedience to his Father even unto death.  He does so in our place and on our behalf.  And he is raised from death as the new man who represents the new humanity now reconciled to God. In Jesus alone there is a new relation of God to humanity and humanity to God.

So we always fix our eyes on Jesus as our reconciliation with God.  We do not look towards him at the start only to leave him behind as we move on to other matters. The Spirit of Christ always brings us to Christ setting our hearts always on him  as our reconciliation.  With the eyes of our hearts fixed on Jesus, we can constantly live and move in the joy and freedom of our new relation with God.  For “our” relation with God is actually Jesus’ relation with the Father that we share in by his Spirit.



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