Responding to Grace

God the Father elected his own Son to be the One man in whom the many would be forever blessed.  The Father’s Son gladly became the  man for others serving us unto death that we might live in God.  And the Spirit of God engrafts us into union with this unique man so that we live in God with him as He lives in us.

What response does this Triune God of Grace now want from us?  He simply wants our gratitude.   Of course, God commands us to respond in many ways.  But we do not respond to His commands out of mere duty.  We rather respond to all his commands out of gratitude  It is always the God of Grace that we hear commanding us.  It is always the God of Grace whose command contains the promise of being with us enabling our response to the command.    He does not drive us to obedience through guilt, but draws us by grace.  And our free response is born of gratitude for the extravagant Fatherly Grace of God, through Jesus and in the Spirit.

So, before our gracious Father, enabled by the Spirit of his Son, our obedience is a joyful and thankful act of agreement with the will of our Father.  It is our free expression of trust in and gratitude to the Father for His unrestrained goodness towards us.

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