The First and the Last

The biblical drama unfolds with so many ups and downs and twists and turns. But in all the many changes there is just one goal-Jesus.  Everything is moving towards him and climaxes in him. Jesus is the last thing in the whole drama, the ultimate intention.

That is true.  But Jesus isn’t only the last thing; he is also the first. Even before the world was made God decided to be with us as one of us.  He never wanted to be God without us.  Before we humans came into existence God had already decided to be in the deepest fellowship with us.  And this decision happens in Jesus.

Only in the Jesus’ story is God’s original decision opened to us.  We  have no other way of knowing what God first decided . We certainly do not speculate above Christ or behind him to an eternal decree of predestination apart from Christ.  No!  We fix our eyes on Jesus and see God’s eternal purpose unfold in his story.  

This focus sets me free from all uncertainty.  Now I do not look back to a horrible and absolute decree that says God might not actually want me.  With Jesus before me as both the first and the last, I know for sure that God only wants to be God in fellowship with me in Jesus.

Jesus is the Father’s original decision and ultimate intention and so are we in union with Jesus by the Spirit.  We may assure our hearts in that beautiful Triune Reality.

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