With God and for God on our behalf

Jesus is Lord!  But this Lord came into the world not to be served but to serve giving his life as a ransom for many.  This self-giving is the revelation of who God is.  He is the one who is ready to stoop to the lowest place in order to lift us up to the highest place.  In this action God shows that he is for us and has always been for us just as he always will be for us.  Can we say anything different when we see the Lord serving us even unto death?

But are we for God?  Well, Jesus is the true man who is with God and for God on our behalf.  So we also are with God and for God in union with him. Too often, we look at ourselves and our own failure to be continually with God and for God. We are dismayed with ourselves and so lack assurance before God. But the only man who counts with God is this unique man.  With our eyes fixed on him we are reassured that our life is now hidden with him in God.

May God’s Spirit assure our hearts that we really are with God and for God in union with Christ.

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