Two-way Grace

From the fullness of His Grace, the Father gives His Son as free gift for us.  From the same fullness, the Father gives His Spirit as free gift in us. And in giving His Son and Spirit the Father gives Himself to us. So Fullness of Grace comes from the Father, through the Son and in the Spirit.  The three persons move indivisibly as the one expression of grace from the one fountain of grace.

The same grace that moves from God towards us moves back from us towards God.  It does so as gratitude in the Spirit through the Son to the Father.  In the Spirit, we see with wonder the indescribable gift of all surpassing grace.  And the same Spirit moves us to express our thanks for this gift, through Jesus, the one who is the indescribable gift.  Yes, through Jesus, we have free access in the Spirit to express our thanks to the Father from whom all the grace comes flowing freely to us. And so all this thanksgiving is itself grace.  Grace in us by the Spirit flowing freely to the Father in the Sprit through the Son.

Grace and Gratitude are indivisible in this two-way movement bringing two-way blessing.  In grace, God blesses us; in gratitude we bless God


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