God with us and for us as one of us

I was once told that my decision for God was all important. Now, I see that  God’s decision is primary. Even before God created, He decided to be with us and for us as one of us. And in Jesus that decision is made actual among us. For he is God with us accomplishing the eternal decision of God in the face of our decision to reject God.

Before creation God decided to be with us as the man Jesus.  And this God became human in order to carry out his own decision to be for us and with us as one of us.  This is who God always wanted to be and who He actually becomes as the man Jesus.

It is only in Jesus that we see God’s eternal decision to be with us and for us. We do not guess it.  We do not grope for it in the dark.  We find this eternal purpose in what has actually taken place in the man Jesus who serves His Father in the Spirit.  Now we cannot think of God and His purpose in any other way. We would be mistaking him, if we were to think of Him otherwise.  For He always is the One who, from before the creation, decided to be our God in Christ.  God taking human form, relating to us, acting for us, deeply concerned with us as one of us. There is no other God.


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