Always For Us

The Jesus story portrays the Father’s Son becoming one with us showing that He is totally for us.  He died for us.  He rose again for us. He returned to His Father for us.  Not for a moment did he show a trace of neutrality towards us.

But what if we look at God behind the Jesus story?  Was He ever neutral towards us? If we speculate about God and His eternal purpose we may come up with a detached deity, but not if we are looking through the lens of Jesus.  For he shows us who God always is towards us.  With our eyes fixed on Jesus, we see that God was never so distant from us and high above us that he was once neutral towards us.  Even before the world was made God was always for us in and through Jesus, the Father’s Son.  He is the one whom God elected to come among us as one of us showing God to be eternally for us.

Furthermore, there is no way that the God who became one of us will ever be neutral towards us.  All things were created through the God who became human.  Indeed, all things were created for this unique man, and for us in him.  When he appears, as the goal of all things, we shall appear with him in glory. So this unique One, through whom and for whom all things were created, was, is and always will be totally for us.

Gazing on Jesus, may the Spirit assure our hearts that God is always totally for us.


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