The Humble God

We humans tend to invent our own ideas about “God”.  The “God” that we create in our minds is our own image of the supreme being exalted over all.  The all-powerful being who can do anything. The majestic judge who knows all and evaluates all.

In contrast to these human inventions, the true God has revealed Himself as lowly and humble in Jesus.  He stooped towards us by becoming a human just like us.  As a human he humbled himself by becoming the lowly servant of all who goes to the lowest place of all.  This is the  “high humility” of the one true God who is so very lowly and humble.   And this lowliness marks out our God as the true God in contrast to all false gods that we invent.

           The true God whose glory is displayed in shame.

           The true God whose power is displayed in weakness.

           The true Lord who serves as a vulnerable human.

This God moved downward opening himself to insult, abuse and rejection in order to lift us upward to share in His own Triune communion of love

May this same humble God open our eyes to who He really is so that we reject our own ideas of the “Exalted Supreme Being”.  For it is only the lowly Lord who is truly worthy of high praise!


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