Unchanging Purpose – Belonging

In Jesus, God has bound himself to us and us to himself.  He did so because this was His purpose before creation.  His eternal intention was that we should belong within the loving communion of Father, Son and Spirit.  He always wanted to be ours in Jesus by the Spirit.  He always wanted us to be His in Jesus by the Spirit. That is why Father and Son now make their home with us by the Spirit.

Our Father accomplished this purpose through Jesus in the face of human sin.  All our opposition to God did not incline Him to turn away from His purpose for us.  Rather, through Jesus, He comes among us overcoming our sin in the Spirit.  This is not simply God’s reaction to human sin but primarily the action of God fulfilling his original intention in Jesus.  That intention was disturbed as those created for belonging became alienated from the communion of love.  But the ultimate purpose was not given up. The God who first decided to be with us comes among us in Jesus to bring us back to what he wanted all along-belonging.


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