Future Horizon

Before human history, God already decided that his triune life would be expressed in the man Jesus within human history. So the purpose and meaning of all our history is found in this one man.  For this man is the whole content of God’s eternal decision before human history fulfilled within human history.

But the Triune God stands not only behind history, not only in history, but also ahead of history.  From eternity, the triune God is Lord of the future.  From eternity, God moves human history forwards into the future of his own new world in which we will be gathered fully into the Triune communion of love.

In the present, God gives his Spirit to us as the deposit guaranteeing our future inheritance as children of the Father in union with the SonIn the Spirit we cry, “abba Father”, as dearly loved children, until we enter fully into our inheritance.  We are actually enjoying God’s future in our present moments.  And as we live and move in the presence of the future our eyes are fixed on the future horizon of God’s new world in which God will make His home with us.

In the Spirit we look backward to God’s original decision-God with us and for us in Jesus, the elect man. In the Spirit, we look onward to God’s coming in the coming of Jesus, the new man, the man who is God. We look on towards this new horizon in sure expectation that when he is revealed we shall appear with him in glory because this is God’s eternal decision.

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