Triune Decision

Within the One God, there has always been a movement of love between three persons. Each of the three is constantly towards the others and for the others in mutual self-giving. And within this loving fellowship, the Triune One decided to be with us and for us to be with Him sharing in the communal life of the three.  All three persons decided together to give themselves freely and fully to us as the overflow of the self-giving love within the One communion of love.

Foolishly, we all decide to reject the Triune decision.  We want to go our own way. Even so, the Triune God’s eternal decision still stands.  He will not allow his own purpose for us to be destroyed.  The Triune One has freely chosen to be God with us and we with Him.  He will not go back on this.  He will not allow this purpose to fail because of our rejection.  Even in the face of our decision to reject His decision God decides to give himself to us.  He must fulfil his purpose for fellowship with us.

Jesus is this eternal purpose of God made actual in history.  He is the Father’s unique Son serving His Father as one of us in the presence and power of the Spirit.  Serving away from his home to bring us back home to His Father.  And now, by the same Spirit, he lifts us up to share in His fellowship with the Father.  In this way the eternal decision of God is made actual in us by the Spirit.


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