The Chief End of God

The Westminster catechism opens with the question, “What is the chief end of man?  The answer, “To glorify God and enjoy Him forever”.  I want to rather ask, what is the chief end of God? The Jesus story answers, The chief end of the Triune God is Jesus Christ and us in him.

Even before we humans existed, Father, Son and Spirit wanted us to share in their loving fellowship.  And this desire was expressed in the Father’s decision to elect his own Son as the man in whom we are brought into living union and communion with the Triune God.  This free decision stands behind the Father’s sending His Son into the world to become human, and also the Son’s choosing humanity as the form of his own divine life.

And so, in Jesus, the elect man, God becomes human  making communion with humans the goal of his own life.  For in His free decision to Elect His own Son as Jesus, the elect man, God determines humans for Himself having first determined Himself for humans as human.

This “human” God fills me with wonder!  Truly, I want to glorify him and enjoy him forever!


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