God with us and for us

In the Jesus story, we see the Father loving his Son and the Son loving his Father. We see them no other way. And the way we see them in the story is the way they always are within the eternal circle of love. They are never other than this. Not in time or eternity.

In the Jesus story, we also see God loving us by giving his Son to be God with us and for us as one of us. And through Jesus, the Father himself is with us as the One who is for us. We say this simply because we can never separate Father and Son. The two always move indivisibly as One in the Spirit. As Jesus is with us and for us in the Spirit so is his Father. And so, Jesus expresses the freedom of the Father’s love reaching out to bring us home to himself as Father.

This means we no longer know about God as a nameless and faceless being behind the back of Jesus. We know God himself as our Father who shows his face through Jesus by his own Spirit. And in the same Spirit, we gain access to the Father, through the Son, so that we are brought inside the life and love of the Triune God himself. We may still not be able to solve the doctrinal puzzle of three in one and one in three. Nevertheless, within this access, we come to know the Triune God with us and for us within the circle of love and in no other way.

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