Seeing the Relational God through Jesus

Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in him.
That means it is through Jesus, the Father’s unique Son, that we see the Father himself. To see Jesus in action is to see the Father in action. So, when Jesus touched the man with leprosy to heal, the Father was also acting compassionately in and through Jesus. So Jesus can say, “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.”

When we look at Jesus, we actually see the inner life of God unveiled as relational. We constantly see Jesus relating to his Father in love and the Father relating to him in love. Jesus was always talking about his Father as he served his Father. He constantly gave himself to accomplishing the work his Father had given him to do. And the Father was always giving himself to Jesus, the beloved Son, with whom he is well pleased.

Jesus’ baptism is a snapshot of this relating. In that moment, Jesus presented himself to his Father as the willing Servant-Son in love. The Father responded by saying you are my Son whom I love with you I am well pleased. All this relating took place in the joy of the Spirit who came on Jesus at that moment. And Jesus went on to serve his Father in the Spirit always looking to his Father and making it his very life to do the Father’s will.

In view of all this, we aim to be constantly attentive and responsive to the relational God who shows up in Jesus.

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