A Human in the Father’s Presence

The Father sent his Son to us in our human flesh. The Son went back to his Father still wearing our human flesh. The ascension is not the story of escape from the body, but the entry of a human into heaven. The Son of God himself now has a body – as a permanent presence in the Father’s presence. Human flesh is now with God.
Nick Needham says:
“This is not to say that his risen, ascended humanity hasn’t been glorified. It has. So there are differences between his earthly humanity and his ascended humanity, but that doesn’t alter the fact that he is still human. He has a glorified humanity, not a glorified something else … The ascended Christ is still a human being and he will remain a human being for all eternity – an exalted and glorified human being, yes, but a human being with a recognizable human body.”

How assuring to know that in the Father’s presence a real human continually represents us. To know that we never approach the Father in our own name, but always in Jesus’ name because he is in his Father’s presence in our name.

This glorified human in the Father’s presence also guarantees what we will become in the future with him. And this glorified human also sends the Spirit to us as the presence of the future in our hearts. In this way, we already enjoy resurrection life as we eagerly await our future resurrection into full glory.

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