The New Human in God’s Presence For Us

The Father’s Son came to us as human. He came, as human, to rescue and restore us as humans. He came, as the TRUE human, living in complete faithfulness to God on our behalf. In faithfulness, this true human, went down into the very lowest place, death on the cross. And even in the darkness of death and the moment of utter forsakenness, he committed his spirit to the Father whose love he trusted even though he could not feel it.

Therefore, God raised Jesus as the NEW human, the re-start of the human race. Then this new human ascended into the presence of his Father. And he has taken us with him into the Father’s presence because this new human represents us before his Father. He is one with us and we are one with him. Everything that happens to him happens to us. He was raised and we are raised with him; he was seated at God’s right hand and we are seated with him. Our lives are hidden with him in God.

If the one who sits at the right hand of God does not remain fully human, then we will never enter the most holy place. But in union with Jesus, we will live in the Father’s presence forever sharing Jesus’ communion with his Father. And even now, we have full confidence to enter God’s holy presence through Jesus as the new and living way.

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