Remaining Attentive to Jesus

God the Father raised Jesus by his Spirit. Now, Jesus is reigning at his Father’s right hand. As the risen and reigning one, Jesus continues his work in and for us. He also continues his work through us for the sake of the world. So the risen and reigning Jesus must always be the centre of our vision. He is now seated at the right hand of God occupying the place of power to bring his people and all of creation to the final goal.

Because we are in union with Jesus, we share in his life and all he is doing.  We do not stand as spectators looking passively at what Jesus is doing. Nor do we move in and do all the actions ourselves.  Jesus is the main mover.  And by his Spirit we get to participate in what he is doing

So our focus must never be on something that we must do, but rather on Someone. Our eyes are fixed on Jesus who reigns supremely over all and in us.  We are attentive to who he is and what he is doing. And we always aim to move with him participating in all that he is doing.  We pay constant attention to what he continuing to do in and through us. And when we fail to keep our attention on him, we can be fully assured that he is constantly attentive to us. We never lose him in the midst of doing “Christian work”. That’s the way he wants us to live in him by his Spirit.

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