It’s all about Jesus

Jesus came among us as the Lord who serves his Father and us in deep lowliness. He did so to the point of death on the cross. Therefore, the Father raised Jesus from the dead as the new man in a new creation and God’s Spirit joins us to Jesus to share in his life. As those alive in Jesus, we actually share in his communion with the Father by the Spirit. And we walk with him in newness of life. A newness marked by joy and hope.
If Jesus is not raised and we are not joined to him then all we seek to do is in vain. And we will never live and move in joy and hope, but rather in weariness and despair. However, Jesus is the risen and reigning one and we are now in living union with him. Jesus lives! He lives in me. Now I no longer live but the risen Jesus lives in me by his Spirit. Jesus loves! He loves in me. In the past, he loved me and gave himself for me and now he continues loving me and giving himself to me as he loves in and through me. And he does so now as the Lord who reigns supreme over all.
All this means that our daily living and serving is not about us. It’s all about Jesus. We have been raised with Jesus and our lives are hidden with him in God. And now we simply get in on what he is doing as risen and reigning Lord.

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