Triune Communication

Within Scripture we see the unfolding Triune Drama. In this drama, the Father moves into action reconciling and restoring the world through his Son and by his Spirit. The three are always moving together in dramatic speech and action to accomplish their shared mission.

As we indwell the drama, we meet God as three persons – Father, Son and Spirit. These three relate to one another as a communion of love. And as this communion of love they relate to humanity. Only through this drama do we know anything at all about God as Triune Communion. Left to our own thinking about God, we could only project philosophical ideas about “the most perfect being” infinite, eternal, and unchanging. But within the biblical drama God opens himself in Jesus as Triune Communion – Three persons who mutually indwell each other in self-giving love.

As we indwell the drama, we also meet the triune communion in communication. Through the drama, God communicates with us, but before we move in that direction, we must highlight God communicating within himself as Triune communion. The Father communicates with his Son out of his love for the Son. He communicates with his Son in joy and delight as they move together in mission. The Son communicates with his Father out of his love. He too communicates with his Father in joy and delight as he serves his Father in mission. And both Father and Son communicate with one another in the communication of the Spirit. The God of the drama is not the God of eternal stillness and silence; he is the communion of dynamic and personal communication within himself.

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