The Triune Creator

God created all things through his Son and by his Spirit. He did so simply because he wanted to out of the overflow of his own fullness. The Triune Communion did not have to make us. There was no pressure from the outside saying he really ought to create something else. And, there wasn’t something lacking in God that meant he needed to create. He is in need of nothing beyond himself. It would be wrong to say God created because he was lonely, unfulfilled, bored or under compulsion. God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and therefore each person within the Triune Communion is always with and for and in another. So, within the Triune Communion, there is complete self-sufficiency. He made us and all things simply because he wanted to out of the fullness of his own inner communion of joyful love. Within the happy home of Trinity, God desired to create with the purpose of making creatures that would be included within his happy communion.

The Triune communion is able to go on forever with fullness of joy and pleasure. But out of his fullness and in celebration of his fullness he created all things. As T. F. Torrance says, “…God is not solitary, for as Father Son and Holy Spirit he is an eternal communion of love and personal being in himself… Far from grudging the creation into existence and reality beyond himself, God freely brought it into being out of his sheer liberality, in order to lavish his love upon it.”

We respond to all this first by praising the Creator himself who is worthy of our praise. And in this praise, we feel his pleasure.

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