Resting in God’s Communal Love

God wants to be with us personally. He also wants us to be with him personally. He wants communion with us. And whatever God wants he gives himself to freely and fully so that he might have what he wants. We might say that he gives himself to us with what looks like reckless abandon. But it isn’t the reckless act that arises out of folly, but rather the free expression of abounding love.

God wants a large family that shares in the communion of Father and Son in the Spirit. Beyond this, there can be no greater good. There is no greater good outside of this communion that we still have to discover. There is no greater good within this communion that is even better than sharing in the Son’s relationship with his Father.
In loving us into this communion God does not give us something greater than himself. He gives himself and in giving us himself he gives us everything.

There is nothing more that we need for true life because this communion is true life. Sadly, we do strive after other things in order to live life to the full. And so we become restless. Nevertheless, the God who is love turns us back to himself so that we might find rest in his communal love. And we really do find deep rest in this love, for the love of God has only to be HIS love to be everything for us. And as we learn to rest in his love we enjoy the life for which we were created.

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