God Loves us Freely

In the Jesus story we see the Father loving his Son in the Spirit. We also see the Son loving his Father in the Spirit. Jesus reveals God to us as a Triune communion of love. Furthermore, when we fix our eyes on Jesus, we see the love that God is within himself moving towards us desiring communion with us.

God does not have to do this. There is nothing lacking in God that makes him say, we really must add to our circle of love. The more the merrier, lets expand the communion. No! There is nothing lacking within the circle of love that God is within himself. The communion of Father and Son in the Spirit is a fullness of shared life and love. He doesn’t have to move towards us seeking communion with us in order to fulfil himself. On the contrary, rather than lacking anything, the communion of Father and Son in the Spirit is so full that it simply overflows towards us.

Furthermore there is no obligation on God that drives him towards us in love. He doesn’t express his love to us because he ought to do so. God is not under a law that obligates him to go out of himself to include us within his own communal life and love. No, the overflow of love comes from within himself. He is an infinite fountain of self-giving love that overflows from the inner depths of who the Triune God is. God loves us freely. And he loves us this way simply because he IS love.

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