Before His Father For Us

The Father’s Son became human and he remains human today and forever. Now, in the presence of his Father, this human is our High Priest. He represents us in the Most Holy place continually offering himself before his Father on our behalf. He does so as our fellow human with tender care and desire for our welfare. He is always asking his Father to supply all that we need for ongoing life with him. This is what Scripture means when it speaks of Jesus our High Priest ever living to make intercession for us.

We are very imperfect in our praying, but this human priest takes hold of our prayers and offers them to the Father as his own. And so whether we ourselves pray well or badly is not the main thing.  What really matters is that the perfect prayers are always being offered by the Son to the Father on our behalf.  Jesus prayers in the presence of the Father really are our prayers.  And when we offer our imperfect prayers they really are taken by Jesus and turned into his own prayers.

Jesus prays for us before we pray for ourselves.  And he draws us into his praying by the Spirit who intercedes in us and for us with groans too deep for words (Romans 8:26). As the Spirit prays in us, we are caught up into the Son’s communion with the Father. The conversation is always going on; we just get to be part of this conversation in the Spirit and through the Son.

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