Our True Worth

We live in a time when “self-worth” and “self-image” are major concerns. And there are many “Christian” books telling us how to find our worth. However, our true worth is found in the value God in Christ has placed upon us. It is what he has done (and who he is as the One who has done it) that gives us a real sense of value. For us, the Father’s Son was willing to actually become one of us. He took the form of a servant making himself nothing. He became poor that we might become rich in him. He endured the cross of shame that we might appear with him in glory. For us, he became sin that we might become the righteousness of God in him. Furthermore, he gave himself to all this for the joy that was set before him of having us with him in God.

Truly, Jesus values us all so very much. He tells us that he won’t allow himself to lose any one of us. Even though all the powers of the world combine to take us out of his hand he will hold onto us in love. Yes, “Christ parted with everything for us; but he will never part with us” (Sinclair Ferguson).

Only when considering Jesus’ value of us do we find our own true worth. All false self-worth is dissolved in the presence of his supreme valuation. And this, in turn, leads to the value we place on Jesus. We value him above all counting everything as loss in order that we might gain Christ and be found in him.

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