Way, Truth and Life

Paul says those who worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator have “exchanged the truth about God for a lie.” That is how we all were before Jesus came to us. Now, in union with him, we live in the truth and that truth is Jesus himself.

However, we might still exchange the truth about God our Father for a lie. The lie is this: The Father doesn’t really love you. We may even see him as the enemy of our freedom and joy. So our hearts are closed to our Father because we think his heart is closed to us. This warped view of our Father may constantly disturb our anxious hearts.

Where do we find the truth concerning our Father? Jesus is the TRUTH of the Father’s heart towards us. For to see Jesus is to see his Father. Jesus is the new and living WAY into communion with his Father as our Father. Through him, we draw near with confidence sharing in Jesus own communion with his Father. Jesus is the LIFE and our life hidden with him in God. So with him we share in the life of his Father as dearly loved children. Yes, Jesus is the way and the truth and the life and we come to the Father through him.

So if the lies concerning the Father remain within us it is simply because we have taken our eyes off Jesus and lost connection with him. So let us always abide in Jesus. Then we see the love of our Father and rest in the high privilege of being his dearly loved children in union with The Son.

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