The Father himself loves you

The Father of Jesus always relates to his unique Son in joyful love. And he relates to us in the same way. Jesus said his Father loves us just as he loves his unique Son. In union with the Son, we are now dearly loved children drawing near to Abba. In the Spirit, we enjoy the Father’s nearness to us and our dearness to him.

Unfortunately, many Christians often have a distorted view of our Father. While they imagine Jesus as the one who loves us, they may see the Father as hesitant towards them. Indeed, they may see the Father as distant at best and furious at worst. It is as if Jesus pleads with the Father to put up with them perhaps even against the Father’s desire. They fear that behind Jesus, the Father is actually distant and dark, even sinister.

Jesus told us that when we see him we see his Father. All the love the Son has for us is actually the Father’s love for us. The two are one in everything including love for us. The streams of love that come to us through Jesus flow from a fountain of love in the Father’s heart. And the Father has poured his own love into our hearts by the Spirit he has given us.

With Jesus and his Father in full view, we need to see that the greatest sorrow we can bring to our Father’s heart is not to believe that he loves us. And the greatest joy we can bring to Jesus’ heart is to rest assured in his Father’s love.

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