Joyful Love

“Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth… (Luke 10: 21)

Through Jesus’ praise, we are given a glimpse into the inner relations of God. Within the Triune life, the Son is always delighting in the Father with great joy through the Spirit.  He is doing so, as the dearly loved Son with whom the Father is always well pleased. Does this joy of God loom large in your thinking about God? When you hear the word “God” do you instantly think of a communion of joyful love? Or does your concept of God not allow you to see fully the mutual joy of Father and Son in the joy of the Spirit? I ask because I think too many live with a view of God that that lacks a joyful heart. And so they are not likely to rejoice freely in God.

Through Jesus, God has revealed himself to us as a communion of joyful love. And the Spirit of joyful love now joins us to Jesus so that we share in his joyful praise before the Father. We don’t try to work up glad praise we simply allow ourselves to share in Jesus’ delight before his Father. For by the Spirit of God’s Son we cry abba Father and that is the joyful cry of the Son that we now share in. We are in the joyful Son and he is in us as joyful children in the joy of the Spirit.

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