Knowing our Father in love as love

In the Jesus story, we see the Father loving his Son and the Son loving his Father. We see them no other way. And the way we see them in this love relationship is the way they always are within the eternal circle of love. They are never other than this. Not in time or eternity.

In the Jesus story we also see the Father loving us by giving his Son to us and for us. Through Jesus, the Father freely reaches out in love to bring us home to himself as our Father. And the Father was always in himself what he is towards us in the Jesus story.

Through the Spirit of God’s Son we now gain access to the Father with the Son so that we are brought right inside the Son’s love relationship with the Father. Sharing in the Son’s communion with his Father, we may not be able to solve the doctrinal puzzle of three in one and one in three. Nevertheless, the Father has shown himself to us through the Son and by the Spirit. And now he gathers us into his own Triune communion of love with Jesus by the Spirit. And within this ongoing love relationship the Father continually opens himself to us “telling us things about himself which we could never tell ourselves…and calls for new ways of thinking and speaking about God on our part”
(T. F. Torrance). So we continually know our Father ever more deeply in love as love.

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